Applique & Embroidery

Attractive bags are always in demand. Despite advances in modern era, the customer preferences towards objects that are classy and old, are always chosen for their antiquity, unique appeal and appearance. Hand bags, especially for women represent their special taste and therefore, they always choose bags which go down well with their attire and presence. Bags are also chosen based on the occasion.

Embroidery bags are among the most popular bags used by customers and Lepakshi handicrafts offers a wide variety of bags that are hand-made with colourful patterns, thread work, mirror works, stripes and other features. These come in various shapes and sizes that are not only attractive but blend perfectly, according to the occasion.

The embroidery work is done by skilled men and women and usually the nomadic tribes of Banjaras, are quite skilful in creating bags of unbeatable quality and appearance. The sheer look of these bags makes them quite appealing for those who use them, regularly and also during events like weddings, and special festivals. The mirror works and the shape decides their purpose and Lepakshi is the destination for customers who prefer high quality hand-made bags for different purposes.