Marble handicraft items are available for customers in several sizes and attractive designs. These are rich, depict the cultural diversity of crafts in India and are actually honed through several generations of family skills.

The superfine quality of marble and its artifacts feature intricate carvings and exclusively handmade marble painting works. The marble handicrafts items are clearly crafted by the skilled craftsmen with simple tools and hand carvings on higher grade Makarana marbles. These are used for home decoration and also for gifting purpose. Whether you are planning to decorate your homes and offices or looking for unique traditional and attractive gifts, there are unique collections in marble handicrafts at Lepakshi which also helps in ushering a unique and traditional look to your rooms.

The marble items are famous all over the world, for its grace and beauty. The high quality, floral painting for marbles in the form of pandaans, flower vases, trays, Ganesh etc, is delightfully admirable. The shine of marbles combined with the creative painting works on them makes these items, the highlight among all other handicrafts and they last for a lifetime, with the same finish and attraction.