Exclusive Work of Dokra Craft

Most-Sought After Imitation Jewelry

Lost wax casting is a technique being practiced in India for thousands of years and it is still in use by many craftsmen. Dhokra or Dokra, which is also known as bell metal craft, is a popular ancient metal art practiced mostly by the Ojha metal smiths based in states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, as well as West Bengal and Telangana.

The style and also workmanship of the artisan community is different in each of the states. This tribal metal craft is widely practiced in Ushegaon village situated in Jainoor Mandal of Adilabad District, Telangana.

Dokra is considered as a labor-intensive work, where even a simple artefact requires 4-5 days while complex designs may need 2-3 weeks. The Dokra artefacts, made chiefly out of brass are quite unique wherein the pieces lack any joints. The entire set is completely handcrafted with traditional designs.
These are simple yet aesthetic in nature and are a collector’s delight. The lost-wax technique represents a distinct form where the art mould is used only once and then it is broken, making the art work quite unique in the handicraft market.
The Dokra work is quite popular all over due to the aesthetic and primitive simplicity. The designs created involve metal figurines, folk motifs, peacocks, elephants, horses and even household items like the measuring bowls. Dokra art represents the exquisite glory of Telangana’s handicraft tradition. The hand-crafted Brass work is one such attractive piece of work, that entices art collectors and buyers alike.