Enchanting Brass Art

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India, in general and several destinations in the country are known for their historic association with several art forms. Art which uses Metal to make artefacts of great value has been a prized tradition of many rural areas in India. Budithi village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh has earned great name and fame for its splendid brassware items. Brassware is one such exclusive art, which is quite popular among handicrafts due to its great aesthetic value and unique attraction.

The local community of Budithi is engaged in creating really stunning Brassware, made using a special technique from alloys. The shapes of the Brassware made in Budithi village vary greatly and they range from elegantly modern items to very traditional and charming brassware. This art form practiced here is also reflected in the traditional utensils used mainly for cooking and other contemporary artefacts such as planters and pots. The articles are all made of brass. The objects feature many geometrical shapes with curves as well as straight lines forming simple yet striking presentations that are quite attractive. Some artists also make use of the floral patterns, for an extra element of decoration to the attractive artefacts. The artisans are highly skilled in creating the right mix of alloys.

The art of making brassware objects has been practiced here for several decades while the antique and also modern styles used in this art is considered outstanding by art enthusiasts. Budithi Brassware art is characterized by the slender necks, which carries an elegant charm and these exquisitely shaped artifacts are considered brilliant. There are flower pots, utensils, planters and many decoration pieces available in this art form. The artisans using this brassware also create bells for temples, various sized lamps etc. Moreover, items made of Brass are considered ideal by Hindus for spiritual and divine purposes. These are also being made increasingly for utility purposes too, while some prefer gifting them as souvenirs and to decorate the interiors of coffee shops, art galleries etc.
It has been registered as one of the geographical indication handicrafts from the state of Andhra Pradesh, under Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. With growing awareness about traditional handicrafts, Budithi brassware is receiving more encouragement from customers, which is contributing for more demand. This has been instrumental in providing livelihood for the artisans, who are the inheritors of this great legacy.