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Originated in Narsapur, West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Crochets are beautifully crafted with cotton thread. Narsapur is situated on the bank of Godavari River and it is believed that the women of the farming community here started creating highly attractive artefacts and other articles from colourful lace, about 150 years ago.

The lace work is done using thin threads and these are again woven with thin crochet needles of varying sizes. The King size quilt with pillows is a wonderful creation of the lace making community of this region while beautiful frocks, made delightfully is a masterpiece of the local lace industry. The artisans make tops with alternating patterns which is also an adorable masterpiece while the skirt and top created by the local artisan community is a defining feature of their skill.

They also produce round table mat made of lace and the shrugs stand as a perfect example of the efforts which goes into making these attractive items. There are certain skirts made with attractive appeal while the table mats they create is a gifted contribution of the local lace industry. The enticing circle table mat is one more reason why this lace industry of AP is so popular. Narsapur's famed hand-made crochet industry produces doilies, pillow covers, cushion covers, bed spreads, table-runners, and table cloths etc. The products are available in vibrant colors like orange, green, blue, white, and beige.
The artefacts also vary, right from hand purses to caps, to mobile phone covers, tops and also stoles. In the year 2004, the first-of-its kind lace park in India was established here where thousands of crochet lace makers can market their products. There are also attractive lampshades and wall hangings made from lace. Many of the crochet lace products are also exported to the UK, USA, and many countries in the Middle East. These artistically woven lace products are even gifted as souvenirs, which makes Narsapur a most sought-after handicrafts destination in Coastal Andhra Pradesh.