Charming Craft, Derived from Nature!

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Bamboo craft in India is very popular, owing to its ecofriendly attributes. The bamboo craft is mainly associated with cane and bamboo, artefacts. It is also an expression of tribal art, providing them livelihood. India is a land, blessed with deft artistry and such unique craft are created in tune with changing style and trends, with new designs, blending age-old tradition with fashion.

The Indian artisans are quite skilled in creating a wide array of bamboo items with impressive variations in their creations. Cane and bamboo products are mostly manufactured in the outdoors of home and the craft has no need for any special arrangement, in rural areas. In urban areas, these are manufactured in dedicated workshops.

The products of bamboo are generally of two types, such as articles which is made for daily use, more suited for local requirements and those of finer quality, considered both decorative and functional, to cater for the more sophisticated markets.

There are items like baskets, combs, crossbows, Bamboo Mats, mugs, hukkas, musical instruments, fishing devices, floor mats, and handles made with Bamboo. Artisans in tribal hamlets and forest areas of Andhra Pradesh also create winnowing baskets, oblong caskets, oval boxes, and flower baskets, dolls, toys etc. of different sizes and designs.

An impressive variety of furniture items are made using Bamboo to suit the aesthetic needs of our modern homes. The bamboo mats are also used extensively for building temporary walls, sheds, pandals, dwelling houses and also for roofing of country boats, etc. Bamboo is considered the backbone of rural economy in many areas of our country. The tribes of Andhra Pradesh are noted for this craft, with the artisans of the hills creating diverse range of Bamboo products, available for sale. The skills of these tribals has added a distinct appeal to the attractive artefacts.