The Renowned Toy Making Tradition of Kondapalli

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Toy making is a prominent tradition of certain regions in Andhra Pradesh. The ubiquitous Kondapalli toy is not only a decorative piece, but also an article of reverence to most Telugus across the world. Kondapalli toys are world-famous for their special wood. Handicrafts have thrived for generations in this village located close to Vijayawada.

The enticing Kondapalli toys add a touch of aesthetics to drawing rooms with their finely created figurines. The toys are made of white Puniki and painted with natural colors like vegetable dyes, which sets the tone for an aesthetic ambience.

The multi-staged process for making these toys is very interesting. The artisans etch out the shape of the toy they create from the white Puniki wood. This particular variety of wood is grown specially in the lands earmarked for this purpose in villages near Kondapalli. Lappum, sawdust and tamarind seed paste are mixed together to give the right look to the toy.

Vegetable dyes are used for painting the toys of export quality. Oil paints are used for coloring the toys sold within India and enamel paints are applied to the toys made for special occasions. Decorate your drawing rooms with a few wooden painted toys of Kondapalli and you will be thrilled to see the beauty they add. There are quite a few iconic toys of Kondapalli like Ambari elephant, farmer couple, palanquin-bearers, and many others pieces of artistic wonders created from Puniki which entice the buyers. Kondapalli toys are available at the Lepakshi Emporia, run by the Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation across major towns in the state.