Exotic Pieces, Made with Red Sanders

Most-Sought After Imitation Jewelry

Red Sandal wood is considered a rare form of wood because this species of tree grows very slowly, sometimes taking decades to get the right thickness. Exotic handicrafts are quite popular for its antiquity, as they are derived from rare wood, and this is something which makes Indian handicrafts quite special.

The Handicraft items created through Red sanders enjoy great demand in the market. The antiquity of the material, including the traditional designs which are specially engraved on them makes it more popular. Red Sandalwood is used to create a very unique collection of idols, handicrafts, and other artefacts. This endangered species grows only in certain forest pockets of South India, especially Chittoor, Kadapa and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Creating stunning artefacts from Red Sanders involves mastery by skilled craftsmen with the right expertise in creating most priceless artefacts from this exotic wood. This wood is also used for making furniture, musical instruments, and sculptures.

Red Sandalwood is used to create an exciting range of wooden decorative items created by highly skilled workers with great experience in the domain of handicrafts. Many quality artefacts are made, leveraging the useful properties of Red Sandalwood. Red Sandalwood handicrafts are well-known for their special appearance and also elegance. Andhra Pradesh enjoys worldwide reputation, with extensive cover of Red sanders in the Seshachalam forests of Rayalseema. Various handicrafts created using Red Sandalwood is quite popular among art collectors from different parts of the world.