Brilliant Skill of Indian Craftsmen

Most-Sought After Imitation Jewelry

Wood craft is a skill, that is mastered only by select craftsmen. Rajasthan state with its diverse set of artisans, skills, wood resources and other advantages has left its own distinct mark in the world of handicrafts. The delicate wood works, which are hand-made, is a testimony to the fine mastery of these craftsmen. The Wooden painted Ambari Elephant set is mostly used for decorative purpose while the raw material used for preparing the products is soft white wood. This is done using basic tools which are generally used for carpentry.

Only the artisans, involved in the making of this delightful set are aware of the process involved. The right type of wood is chosen and these are cut into pieces to get the right shape. It is further cut into smaller pieces of minute units, which is used to make this Wooden painted Ambari Elephant. The wooden pieces which have been carefully sliced, are further processed with scratching paper to shed any extra wood and bring a smooth finish with a uniform surface and superior look. This is an elaborate process that requires a lot of effort.

The wooden pieces are further measured to be sliced into concentric pieces and the shapes are clearly marked by the skilled artisans. These are carved with attention to detail, with the process taking few hours and even some days, until the desired shape is obtained. The wooden pieces are drilled carefully and beads are placed prominently and artistically.

These products are sold at Lepakshi Handicrafts’ Emporiums, the retail outlets of Andhra Pradesh Arts & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd. The industry provides livelihood to local artisans. Clearly, making a Wooden painted Ambari Elephant is not an easy task and the semi-skilled workforce of Jaipur city in Rajasthan, lend their unique touch to the wonderful sets made here.