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India is known for a wide variety of art works and handicrafts which makes the country popular all over the world while Andhra Pradesh contributes significantly for this worldwide reputation. The state is known for a fine art tradition, of Walking sticks.

The walking sticks are made of fine quality wood and these are not only bought for the utility value, but also for their artistic value. There are skilled artisans, who create truly outstanding items made of wood. The wood engravings on walking sticks are appealing and there are many varieties, based on the unique design and the finish done for the wood, adding an extra element of attraction.

The walking sticks, available at the showrooms of Lepakshi is engraved by many master artisans. There are figures of Lions, Deers and Elephants etc., also engraved on the sticks. Brass is also used to offer extra support and grip for the walking sticks at its apex portion. These are made by skilled artisans in the town of Rajahmundry, and the quality of engraving makes them collectible pieces of art as well.

Many varieties of wood are used, which determines their price. Walking sticks of various designs are preferred by customers, as it not only adds an element of elegance, but it is also used for the purpose of walking with comfort. Palm is an important source of wood, which is used to make walking sticks. In many parts of India, it is a matter of pride to own artistic sticks.
Certain walking sticks are of great utility value, as these are created with Palm, and it is also known for the artistic value. It is an art collector’s item too, displayed in living rooms. The walking sticks with different shades of brown and white at the apex and the end looks quite attractive. The walking sticks made of Palm reflects the mastery of artisans, who create these wonderful and elegant walking sticks from Palm wood, representing sheer excellence.
In Telugu households, walking sticks are not only used for the purpose of support for walking by the elderly but it is also a fond element of nostalgia and holds a pride of place, for its memories, in traditional homes. The art of creating walking sticks is a royal tradition and it is also a hobby for many who collect these sticks of different colors and finish.