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An appliqué refers to an ornamental needlework wherein pieces of fabric in different shapes and patterns are skillfully sewn or stuck onto a larger piece, in order to form a picture or pattern. This form of technique is quite common in some varieties of textiles, but it can also be applied to many other materials.

Appliqué is basically a technique that is used to decorate some part of a garment or a product. This technique is done either by hand or a machine. The nomadic tribes of Banjaras and certain communities of Andhra Pradesh are naturally skilled in embroidery work, and these are all hand-made. The community creates attractive bags of various sizes and shapes. The apparel, embroidery bags, and kalamkari bags are very much appealing due to their antiquity, unique look and appearance. These bags are hand-made with colorful patterns, thread work, mirror works, stripes and other features, which is a testimony to their expertise in creating exquisite hand-made items.

In spite of many advances in modern era, the preferences of customers towards objects that are classy and hand-made, are always chosen for their antiquity, unique appeal and appearance. Hand bags, especially for women represent their special taste and therefore, they always choose bags which blends with their attire and presence. Bags and purses made by mirror works are also chosen based on the occasion.
Embroidery bags are among the most popular bags used by customers and Lepakshi handicrafts offers a wide variety of bags that are hand-made with colourful patterns, thread work, mirror works, stripes and other features. These come in various shapes and sizes that are not only attractive but blend perfectly, according to the occasion.
The embroidery work is done by skilled men and women and usually the nomadic tribes of Banjaras, are quite skillful in creating bags of unbeatable quality and appearance. The sheer look of these bags makes them quite appealing for those who use them regularly and also during events like weddings, and special festivals. The mirror works and the shape decides their purpose and Lepakshi is the destination for customers who prefer high quality hand-made bags for different purposes. There are wall hangings, mirror basket bags, pot bags, plat bags, samosa bags, purses of various sizes, small coats and luggage bags created by artisans of Banjara community, whose works have earned a unique pride of place for Andhra Pradesh state in the arena of handicrafts.