Ancient Art, Brilliant Depiction

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An exclusive form of carvings done on stones and drawing inspiration from the mind, mythology and real-life experiences, the sculptors of Allagadda, Tirupathi and other regions in Andhra Pradesh have left behind an impression that only grows valuable by time. Their mastery in this art is noted clearly in the design patterns and lively expressions seen in the idols, which makes these stone artefacts quite popular among collectors.

The art of carving on stone and wood has been in practice from times immemorial. Stone carving art is the foundation for sculptures that have been a part of our culture and traditions from a very long time. The stones to be carved are chosen carefully and the skilled artisan community in Andhra Pradesh are quite adept at this art, which has been carried over from decades among these communities.

The impressive sculptures on stone are mainly mythological in character. The stone carvings that represent various mythological figures are very popular and practiced by certain section of tribes and select workers in Andhra Pradesh. It is commonly believed that mythological works are best represented through stone sculptures and in this regard, the sculptors of Andhra are in great demand all over the country. Moreover, the stones used for this purpose are also available exclusively in few quarries of the state, from where sculptures for temples and other purposes are created here, and transported with highest precaution and care to other parts of India.
The focus of the theme in stone carvings is not merely physical attributes, but it also indicates higher spiritual values of life. To give expression to such abstract conceptions, the sculptor consciously set for himself an ideal, which is not only based on the contemplation of the natural form, but upon the meditation of a divine form. Sculptors commit themselves to the worship of the divine and their devotion can be noted in the finesse of their creations on stones.

The distinctive power of suggestiveness is clearly conspicuous in the sculpted forms. Various gods, goddesses and other mythological characters are etched skillfully on stones that look stunning and amazing. These stone crafts are quite popular and in the modern age, they represent exquisite elements of beauty and charm. The sculptures, which vary in size, are awe-inspiring and hence, stone sculpting is a school of art, where the art is mastered with highest precision and discipline by those who share an interest to learn this ancient art.