Skilled Artisans of Ancient Metalcraft

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Metal craft is of the finest art works among India’s ancient crafts, which dates back to thousands of years. There are metal and metal alloys like Bronze and Brass which were used right from the ancient times for creating vessels and other ornamental brassware. Brass is used for making lamps, pedants, flower vase, kalasam, and many other objects of different sizes and shapes, which are quite attractive due to their shine and classy finish.

Brass is chiefly a metal alloy that is made of copper and zinc. Different proportions of elements like zinc and copper are used for creating a range of brasses with varying properties. It is a very important alloy, from art point of view.

The term Brassware is also applied to many variety of brass. Brass is used extensively for the purpose of decoration owing to its bright gold-like appearance and brass musical instruments combine high workability with great durability. Brassware has a lot of demand since handicrafts made of Brass are usually considered to be very much attractive, artistic while Hindu attribute religious value to objects made of Brass.
Ornamental brassware involves brassware which serve an ornamental purpose. A number of locations in India are quite famous for creating some of the finest ornamental brassware. A rural hamlet called Onipenta in Mydukuru mandal of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh is home to a coveted art form, involving exclusive and highly attractive range of brass work handicrafts, handmade brass works and other domestic brass products. The artisans involved in Onipenta Brassware create Brass through a unique process of heating and molding that helps them to replicate attractive designs and shapes on the objects.
Located close to the National Highway N.H-16 between Tirupathi and Vijayawada, the artisans of Onipenta are adept in creating Flower vase, Urli, Urli stand and drum, apart from many other items made here with Brass, which captivates one’s attention. Lepakshi Handicrafts, of Andhra Pradesh is promoting the unique brassware tradition, which is strikingly impressive. Onipenta is the pride of Rayalseema region in Andhra Pradesh, with the rural community here creating masterpieces, with high durability as well as utility value!