Elegant Statues, Depicting Mythology!

Elegant Statues, Depicting Mythology!

Woodworks have their own unique appeal and they are among the most widely made handicrafts in our country. There are numerous varieties and range of handicrafts that are made using wood, which looks quite attractive and charming as invaluable artefacts. The wooden statues are exclusive works of art, created by skilled craftsmen in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The art of carving wooden statues is practiced in many parts of the state.

By carving idols and mythological forms, the craftsmen create highly attractive masterpieces that add an extra element of aesthetic and divine glory. These are in great demand for their decorative value.

The Process of Making Wood Statues

Wood of fine quality are used to create idols of gods, goddesses, and other important forms. There are some statues made with Red Sander as well, due to distinctive reddish-brown appeal. There are many artistic statues which are created out of wood, using simple and locally made traditional tools in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

• The designs are initially created on paper, which are further replicated on wood. Fine details are marked with care, because it is these delicate patterns, which decide the outcome of the statues.

• The ideal pieces of wood pieces are selected, and here the experience as well as the expertise of the craftsmen plays animportant role in choosing the ideal ones for statues.

• The wood is first scrapped in its outer layer till a desired shape is achieved.

• Further, the carving is done and some of the statues need more efforts, due to the complex designs which has to be carved.

The skilled efforts of craftsmen are clearly focused to bring a lively aura to the wood works, since statues related to mythologyhas a special significance in the world of handicrafts.

Range of Products

Mythology has a lasting impact on Hinduism and it is indeed a matter of great skill to understand its significance and create such masterpieces that are quite appealing and attractive. The wood statues reflect the glory of skilled craftsmen who create such striking artefacts.

The craftsmen of Andhra Pradesh are known for their extensive and exquisitely patterned wooden statues that add beauty to your puja rooms. The exclusive works of art in wood are in great demand for their aesthetic value. Wooden statues of Lord Venkateshwara, Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Annamayya, Lord Krishna, Buddha and other mythological forms are made that are truly mesmerizing, with a special and vibrant divine aura.Created with passion and fine skill, they last for a lifetime!