Wood Carvings


Wood carvings that are special and exclusive find a lot of appeal among buyers and Andhra Pradesh, which is endowed with rich forest cover, has rich resources for several types of wood carvings that are quite popular. Wood carving is widely practiced in many regions of the state. These carvings are delightful and appealing, with customers choosing them to adorn their living spaces, office spaces and attractive interiors.

Many craftsmen are involved in carving idols and mythological forms and the art has also adapted itself to creating utility items. Simple but elegant wood carvings from Udayagiri region are used for making excellent homeware. Red Sanders and country wood are used chiefly as the raw materials for making simple but useful items such as combs, spoons, etc. There are many themes too made of wood which comprises of gods, goddesses, figurines, birds, animals etc. The aesthetically sculpted pieces depict lord Ganesha and other Hindu mythological figures and idols. Red Sander known for its distinctive reddish brown appeal is also used for making fine panels and attractive columns.

The tradition of making dancing dolls, toys and the Raja-Rani Dolls, from Red Sander Wood locally available around Tirupati is practiced by select f craftsmen, and this wood is also used for carving mythological figures and panels. The other available wood materials are Neem, Mango, Teak, etc. The exclusive wood carvings and panels made with this wood have attracted the attention of the art lovers for many years.

In addition to catering to the tastes of the pilgrims, the wood carvings are also popular among the architects and interior decorators. The intricate carvings are created using simple and locally made traditional tools. There are several dolls, toys and figurines made using wood in various parts of Andhra Pradesh.

The artisans are known for their comprehensive range of exquisitely patterned pieces of wood carvings that adds aesthetic beauty to the home and office environment. These works of fine art in wood are in great demand for their artistic and decorative value. The framework of wood carvings and toys in addition to being artistic is also durable, sturdy and created to last a lifetime. The toys are sold all over the country and marketed widely through Lepakshi showrooms.