Nirmal Paintings

Nirmal town in Telangana has always been considered as the gifted land related to art and crafts. The art community of craftsmen in this town are called as ‘Naqash’ and they have made this region, quite famous for the Nirmal paintings. The paintings capture rustic ethos to splendid royal environment, and right from flora to fauna, there are an explicit array of beautiful expressions which are portrayed in myriad colours and attractive forms on Nirmal products.

Most of the Nirmal Paintings consist of traditional art scenes drawn from the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, influenced by other schools of art from earlier times like Kangra, Ajanta and also Mughal miniatures. This art form received great patronage during the Mughals and the Nizams too. There are many colours used in Nirmal Paintings, and most of them are derived from natural sources. The motifs used are quite popular with attractive finish on the canvass. Birds are depicted very attractively and the world-class export quality of these paintings has earned wide recognition and rewards. Lepakshi Handicrafts offers Nirmal paintings at reasonable prices. These are ideal to decorate your drawing rooms and they can also be gifted as cherished souvenirs.