The exclusive works of art in wall-panels created by the skilled workers of Andhra Pradesh are in great demand for their utility and decorative value. wall-panels carving is practiced in many parts of the state. In addition to carving idols and mythological forms, the artists create highly attractive wall-panels, which can adorn your puja rooms, living rooms and is ideal for gifting as souvenirs.

wall-panels carvings are used to create idols of gods, goddesses, birds, animals etc. Red Sander with its distinctive reddish brown appeal is used in the making of panels and columns. There are many intricate wall-panels carvings created with the help of simple and locally made traditional tools in Andhra Pradesh. The wall panels depicting Shanka, Chakra, Namalu; Gaja Lakshmi and Hindu Gods and Goddess create a highly revered divine bliss and spiritual aura, beautified by artistic finesse. In addition to being attractive, they are created with passion and fine skill, to last a lifetime.