Musical Instruments

Musical instruments have always been part of our culture and represent the rich traditions in our society. The instruments are not only used for practice, but these are also considered to be great masterpieces of art, adorning our living rooms and drawing rooms. They are displayed in art galleries and exhibitions.

The state of Andhra Pradesh with its extensive forest cover, offers great resources for skilled workers who create beautiful musical instruments. The craftsmen create these exquisite pieces, which are highly attractive and aesthetic. BobbiliVeena enjoys the status of a royal instrument. Made from pure jackfruit wood, a full-sized BobbiliVeena, also known as ‘SaraswatiVeena’ is distinguished from the ones made in Thanjavur, Mysore and other places in India. BobbiliVeenas are also known as ‘ekandaveena’ as they are made from one single piece of wood. Sitar, Violin, Mrudangam, Nadaswaram, Tambura, Tabla etc., are also created with wood of fine quality.